Join St. Joseph's Higher Sr. Sec. School

  • As a policy, the school admits students only to Nursery and Lower kindergarten. Admission to other classes is against vacancy. The child seeking admission should be introduced by their parents or guardians who shall remain responsible for their fees, regular attendance and good conduct. They must come with the following:
    • A school Leaving Certificate from a recognised school. The school leaving certificate of the student outside must be counter signed by the Education officer of the State/District in which his/her previous school is situated.
    • A certified copy of the marks obtained in the last Examination.
    • A birth certificate from the Municipal Corporation or any other competent authority.
  • Candidate seeking admission to Nursery education should not have completed 3(three) years as on Ist November of the respective academic year
  • As a rule, no student less than three years (as on 1st November) is admitted in lower kindergarten. This limit increases by one year for each successive class. No change of date of birth is entertained.
  • The child will be examined/ against the syllabus of the class previous to the one he/she proposes to join.
  • On no account, admission can be demanded: on merit or by any other right. It is entirely left to the policy of the school and discretion of the principal.
  • No intermediaries or recommendations are accepted for admission, if proved at any stage , the candidature of the concerned child will be cancelled.