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Principal Message (Fr. Suresh Britto)

Little things are big A little smile, a little pat on the back, a little word of encouragement - these acts of kindness can lift a troubled sprit and spread the good news more effectively than our laboured preaching. In this sense, is any thing small?

We live in a world of big things. Our cities are getting bigger, our buildings are taller, business is bigger, budgets are bigger and we have to admit that our problems are also bigger. In this world of bigness, there is an attitude that ordinary persons and ordinary things don't count.

Moderns tend to race through life, not really seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling and hearing. We have become so highly intellectualized, so preoccupied with life's business and the "bottom line", that we pass heedless and unseeing, when even the common bush is alive and aflame with the glory of God.

St.Joseph's Higher Secondary School marches ahead in its pursuit of excellence in education. It would not be unfit to place on record the epitomizing of founding missionaries who irrigated the plant of Education with their sweat and blood.

"Thanks " to all that has been and "Yes" to all that will be.

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